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Merchant Cash Advances

Fast Access to Working Capital

  • Receive cash NOW based on future credit card sales
    • Up to $500,000 in as litlle as 7 days
    • No collateral or liens
    • No personal guarantees
    • Flexible payments
    • If you are approved for a lower rate for an identical plan, we will beat the rate!
  • Easy requirements
    • Minimum $5000 per month in credit card sales
    • Minimum 1 year credit card sales history
    • No bankruptcies. Must be current with landlord.
  • Preapproval within 24 hours
    • 90% approval rate
    • No application fees / closing fees / hidden charges
    • No tax returns required
"I wanted to expand my business and all the banks said 'No' to my loan applications. After I applied to TUV, I had $40,000 wired to my bank in less than two weeks. Thank You. You helped my business grow!" - Larry W., Austin

"I needed cash for new inventory ... a real lifesaver..." - John C., New York